Kode Central

About Us

We are a group of in-house software developers with a passion to help. Kodecentral is a project of Aszend Digital, LLC (a Weslaco sofware development agency).

Kodecentral was made by the lead developer of Aszend, Oscar, and is maintained with the help of Bit. Kodecentral is made with the goal of helping other developers grow as better programmers by examples, such as many dynamic programming problems, and even homework questions.

If you'd like to contribute to kodecentral make sure to create an account and to contact us requesting approval to post your knowledge on this website.

If you have any other questions make sure to look at our Frequently Asked Questions page, and if you don't find a solution make sure you contact us to recieve help as soon as possible. You are also welcome to visit Aszend and request a beautiful website like this one.

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