PHPMyAdmin with Homestead

SSH into Homestead vagrant box with vagrant ssh. Once you're inside the Homestead vagrant box cd into /home/vagrant/ and run the following command:

curl -sS | sh

A phpmyadmin folder is created: /home/vagrant/phpmyadmin/

Exit your Homestead vagrant box:


Open homestead.yaml (on your project root directory) and add these lines:

map: homestead.test
to: /home/vagrant/code/public
map: phpmyadmin.homestead.test
to: /home/vagrant/phpmyadmin

Open your /etc/hosts file with the command:

sudo nano /etc/hosts

and append the following lines: homestead.test phpmyadmin.homestead.test

If vagrant is already running run the command:

vagrant reload --provision

Now go to phpmyadmin.homestead.test on your browser.

The username is homestead, and your password is secret.

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