Creating a droplet in Digital Ocean

Now that you have bought a url from we need to create a server to host our files. First go to and create an account if you don't already have one. Then create a new droplet (top right corner)

Click "Marketplace" and LAMP on VV.VV

Choose a plan

Choose a datacenter region (San Francisco by default)

Scroll down to SSH key and click new

Now, you need to generate SSH keys on your local machine, so change directory to where you want your keys to appear and run


The command will prompt for a key name, I will name mine petandfeed for simplicity. Don't input passphrases when prompted. A random art will appear when successful. Two keys are created, a private and public one; the private key has no extension while the public key ends in .pub. Now that we have SSH keys get the contents by running


(your public key has a different name) and paste the key text into the Digital Ocean prompt

Scroll down to "Finalize and create". Change the hostname to something simple and press Create

And there you go! We have created a droplet successfully. Next we will link the URL and the new droplet.

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